Hello all!

We hope you are all well and healthy.

For obvious reasons we didn't tour much last year, but we hope to see you in a concert somewhere later this year!

We have been keeping busy however. Rona is teaching Gaelic online and Marit has been teaching online Scandinavian workshops - let us know if you'd be interested in any other or more workshops.

Marit premiered her New Voices commission 'Irrationalities' at Celtic Connections early 2020, and as a duo we have put together a lot of new material during lockdown. We are planning to record this, so hopefully we will be releasing some new music over the next couple of years.

We were asked to record/perform a small performance for the first online Breakish folk club last year, and we were also asked to put together a video for Dublin Pride. in  2019 we composed and performed a live soundtrack to the 1929 Norwegian silent film 'Laila'. See below for videos.

We hope you'll all have a lovely winter-time, and let's keep our fingers crossed that we can all see each other again in 2021!