It has been a wee while since you have heard from us. Marit was unfortunately diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma early this year and is currently undergoing treatment. She is expecting a full recovery.

Earlier this year we premiered our newly composed soundtrack for the 1929 Silent Film epic 'Laila'. We are very proud of the result, and hope we will be able to tour it in the future. We also hope to be able to record some of the pieces. In the meanwhile, here is a wee video from the premiere in Bo'ness.

Hope you are all having a fab summer and hope to see you soon!


Basque country & cinemas!

Hiya. Just a wee update on us! Rona has just got back from a tour with Tosta in the Basque Country. This was a collaboration where six representatives from Atlantic minorities collaborated with Basque band Oreka Tx. It was televised so keep your eyes peeled for any content here! Marit was playing on Monday at the Edinburgh Filmhouse before Pathfinder and the duo will be there again at 1755 on Friday May 5 as the music before St. Kilda film 'Ill Fares the Land.'

Come along!


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